Anjali’s mentor turns hero in ‘Karungali’

Director M Kalanjiyam, who had directed ‘Poomani’, ‘Kizhakkum Merkum’ and ‘Poonthottam’ more than a decade ago, is back to try his luck with Karungali. Besides donning the mantle of direction, Kalanjiyam has chosen to play the lead role in the movie.

The movie also stars Angadi Theru Anjali, Sunitha Verma, Asmitha and Shrinivasan in the key roles.

Speaking about the film, Kalanjiyam says, ‘ I play a drug peddler called Pottalam Ravi. It is a story that speaks about the increasing number of divorces in our society. It is prevalent among all strata of society. But the educated men and women opt for it in large numbers. The movie offers a solution to the issue’.

He goes on to add, “There’s a particular sequence in this film which has been shot at the rate of 134 frames per second. Usually, fight sequences are shot at 24 frames per second. This fight sequence will probably be the first of its kind in Tamil cinema.”

It was Kalanjiam who spotted Anjali for his film ‘Sattamindri Mutthamidu’ with her original name ‘Sundari’. Actress Devyani’s other brother Mayur had also been selected for the lead role. He also had roped in Anjali @ Sundari for his other two films “Vaalibadesam”, En Kanavuthaandi”. But due to financial crisis none of the films could progress and made Anjali to look for other opportunities.

Later Anjali got introduced in “karrathu Thamizh” film opposite Jeeva and got a star status in ‘Angadi Theru’. Since Anjali’s market is high now, he has decided to finish this film “Karungali” atleast and so also has decided to cast himself  as hero. Yaa! Kalanjiam knows the proverb “Make hay while the sun shines”.


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