Anjali still awaiting her big break


Though her ‘Angaadi Theru’ had all the ingredients of an award-winning film, actress Anjali was surprisingly left out of the list of award winners when the national awards were announced recently in New Delhi. The film had a very nice script, the performance of the lead actors was beyond comparison and the music only added to the film’s fortunes at the box-office.

Despite the commercial success as well as the critical acclaim she won for her performance as a counter salesgirl in a Textile showroom, Anjali somehow wasn’t able to attract the attention of the younger brigade of actors. Despite having enough offers in Tamil, Anjali concedes that she’s somewhat upset at not getting to star opposite leading young heroes.

When director Venkatprabhu signed her up as one of the three heroines in Ajit’s upcoming film ‘Mankatha’, Anjali was quite happy at the prospect of sharing screen space with Ajit, though she wasn’t paired opposite him. Anjali was too thrilled to be starring in the film that she had even restrained her mother not to ‘bargain much’ with the producer about her fee for starring in the film.

Anjali went on a crash-course in dieting and shed some flab around her waist to look trim and beautiful for her role in the film. As it turned out, she came across hardly for a few days while shooting for the film and the combination shots were not exactly as she visualized them to be. For starters, she is pairing up with Vaibhav in the film.

Now that the film’s shooting is over, Anjali is said to have rang up Jiiva (who was the hero of her first film) and congratulated him on the rousing success of his ‘Ko’ at the box-office. The pretty actress didn’t forget to use the occasion to remind him to keep her in mind when he selected the heroine for his next film!



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