Anjali and Mahesh Pairing in Yet Another Movie

Anjali and Mahesh, the lead of pair of  Angadi Theru will be seen together in a new film again which will be produced by the same Ayngaran Internatational , the production venture of Angadi Theru. This movie will be directed by a new comer. And the buzz is not only just Mahesh and Anjali, the new movie will  also have Pandi, who played a pivotal  role in Angadi Theru movie.

Confirming this Anjali says, “Yes, we three are going to work for Aynkaran again. I am hopeful that this new movie too could win the public admiration, like how Angadi Theru did.”
On her co-actor Mahesh, she says, “He was so shy initially but he has become a good friend of mine now. I still  guess I am the first and only girl he has spoken so far. She also says it was a life time opportunity to work with two veterans K Balachandar and Bharathiraja in her latest movie “Imayamum Sigaramum Rettaisuzhi“.


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  1. sharonberyl

    hi iam sharon . i am very proud of angali and magesh i want to contact mageshand angali  i am praying for you  i am a christian so i pray for angali mahesh

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