Angelina Jolie to speak Tamil

angelia jolie in tamil

Hollywood famous actress Angelina Jolie is getting ready to speak Tamil. Angelina Jolie has established herself in Hollywood by her different style of acting.

Angelina Jolie is taking a new avatar in the film ‘Salt’. Salt comes under the banner of Columbia Pictures. Soon the film is coming in Tamil. Sony Pictures will be releasing the film; the story of the film is very interesting.

Angelia Jolie is a CIA agent in the film. Angelia Jolie is a very responsible person working in the Police department. A terrorist from Russia enters America to kill an important VIP. The terrorist is wandering in New York. At this instance, blame comes on Angelia Jolie that she is the backbone of the attack. How Angelia Jolie escapes from this trap is the story. ‘Salt’ film is expected to be different and interesting.


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