Ananya pays obeisance to Subramaniam Siva


Subramaniam Siva is the director who gave Dhanush one of his super-duper hits in the early times of his career. It’s been 10 long years for Dhanush in the world of celluloid but his first major hit, after the successful debut in ‘Thulluvadho Ilamai’, his major hit was ‘Thirudaa Thirudi’ opposite Chhaya Singh. It was Siva who directed Dhanush in ‘Thirudaa…’.

After more than seven years, after he has become a bankable and dependable star, Dhanush rejoins Siva for the film ‘Seedan’ a remake of the popular Malayalam hit ‘Nandanam’ which released many years back. In Dhanush’s own words, his role is not more than for an hour or so in the film yet a ‘powerful’ one.

Siva says that he has made some subtle and apt changes in the script to suit today’s needs. Siva says Dhanush’s role is a special one which reinforces the old school of thought that a disciple is the staunchest follower of his master, irrespective of the latter’s mistakes in life. Despite appearing in the film only after the interval, Dhanush’s role is a major one which includes a song, says Siva.

Siva had also asked Ananya to shed some weight prior to the commencement of the film’s shooting. He was also very ‘strict’ in his routine while directing her and the rest of the crew. This made him a ‘villain’ in the eyes of Ananya and her mother. When she got to watch the ‘preview’ show of the film, Ananya was overwhelmed and paid obeisance to Siva immediately after the film was over.

I was stunned, to say the least. I jocularly remarked her to remember me when I would call her to star in my future project(s),” says Siva, whose ‘Seedan’ is releasing tomorrow.


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