Ananya Anjaneyan

Ananya is too stubborn to marry Anjaneyan

Ananya Anjaneyan

Tamil and Malayalam actress Ananya is said to be not ‘much worried’ about the fact that the person to whom she got engaged in her native place in Kerala was already married. Anjaneyan, her burly beau, has reportedly filed for divorce from his first wife and is awaiting the divorce decree from the Court.

Though her parents are apparently unaware of the marital status of their to-be son-in-law, the Engeyum Eppoodhum actress is reportedly aware that Anjaneyan was married and had filed for divorce. Even as her parents filed a complaint against Anjaneyan for attempting to cheat them, Ananaya is said to be not ‘going over the top’ about the entire issue.

Ananya is said to have told her parents that she “doesn’t bother as to what happened to Anjaneyan’s first wife or what’s brewing in the Court” and is said to be very keen to get married to him at the earliest. Her fans and movie-goers are surprised at Ananya’s love for the person who hardly looks like a matching candidate to match Ananya’s lively smile, her facial beauty and sexy curves.

Anjaneya floored Ananya by appearing personally at wherever Ananya would be shooting and presenting her with some gift or the other every day. The engagement ceremony was held in Kerala a fortnight back. On coming to know that Anjaneyan was already married, Ananya’s father Gopalakrishnan filed a complaint against him at the Perumbavur Police Station near Kochi.

However, the complaint was withdrawn at Ananya’s insistence. “I’m not bothered about the many rumours floating about my marriage; I’m sure to get married to Anjaneyan soon. The rumours have only strengthened our bonding; I know about him better than anyone else,” says Ananya.


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