Ananya enters Bollywood alongside Madhavan

Ananya enters Bollywood alongside Madhavan


If you still haven’t watched ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, go catch it soon. The film will remind you why Madhavan is the best when it comes to charming the ladies. Theatres have already been booked full house by fans and Maddy fever is spreading wild.

So much so that Maddy’s next Bollywood movie is already in the lines expectedly this May and accompanying him will be another charming face from the south this time. It’s Ananya who played ‘Mahalakshmi’ in Seedan’ who will be launching herself into Bollywood. Now she will have to do some Hindi homework for this project.

Ananya confirmed the news when she said, “When director Menon read me the script, I really thought it was something different and a Bollywood debut opposite Madhavan, I couldn’t ask for more.” Director A.Menon who will be making this movie has owned his skills working under Ram Gopal Varma.

That’s a full fledged south starrer Bollywood movie coming your way.


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