Ananya blessed by Guruvayur Temple Elephant

Ananya with Guruvayur Temple elephant
Ananya with Guruvayur Temple elephant

Actress Ananya was extremely delighted to have been blessed by the temple elephant at the famous Guruvaur Temple in her home State of Kerala. The actress, who debuted in director-actor Sasikumar’s ‘Nadodigal’ in 2009, had her moderately successful ‘Seedan’ releasing a few months back.

She has a few projects in Tamil including ‘Iravum Pagalum’ and a couple of untitled projects. The bubbly Ananya was shooting for a Malayalam film titled ‘Seniors’ in Guruvayur. During the break, she took permission from her director and went to the famous Guruvayurappan Temple and worshipped there by lighting agal villakku.

Ananya lighting Guruvayur Temple Agal Vilakku
Ananya lighting Guruvayur Temple Agal Vilakku

While she was exiting, Ananya was excited at seeing the Temple elephant outside the entrance. She then offered coconut and bananas to the tusker which then blessed her by patting her on top of her head. She also had a photograph taken with the elephant.

“I feel extremely happy and fulfilled. I have been getting many offers but I would pick and choose my roles,” said Ananya.



  1. Aravind

    Atleast give them some privacy……..always pondering the actors and actress where ever they visit……..

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    idhellam oru news nu highlight panreenga.. kandravi…innum nalla news ah podunga idhey maadhiri..”ananya got up in the morning/ananya brushed her teeth today,etc ect..” ipdiyellam news podunga.. innum nalla irukum..

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