Anand is a Spanish citizen Claims HRD

The Current World chess champion and a Grandmaster from Tamil nadu, Viswanathan Anand may have earned the country laurels across the globe, but the Indian government isn’t convinced that he is an Indian citizen. And The world’s best chess player was recently denied denied an honorary doctorate he should have received on Monday, as the government is confused over whether Anand is an Indian or Spanish citizen.

In 2009, the University of Hyderabad decided that a honorary doctorate would be given to Anand. The University then formally forwarded the proposal to the Human Resource Development Ministry which, reportedly cancelled his nomination on the ground that they are sot sure about Anand’s citizenship as he currently lives in Spain, it was informed that Anand – who lives with his wife in Spain – is a Spanish citizen. But it still did not inform the Ministry that it needed the approval urgently as the awards ceremony was to be held this week.

When  Anand’s wife Aruna  was contacted by media she says ‘I do not understand from where the confusion on Anand’s citizenship comes from. Anand is and has always been a citizen of India.’

Followed by this Aruna had shooted furious mails to the organisers of the ongoing International Congress of Mathematicians in Hyderabad who have been lobbying hard so that the chess grandmaster gets this coveted award.

In a country where every top politicians and cine stars holds a Doctorate, the current worlds undisputed chess champion since 2007 representing India does not seems to hold the rights.



  1. indu

    HRD ministry is ridiculous. How can you deny doctorate for a person who brought so many laurels to this country. These ministries are perverted as inefficient ministers sitting there. guys! haves some common sense and apologize to anand and honor him with a doctorate immediately

  2. anoymous

    Actor Vijay ke DR pattam tharum podhu , this guy has brought so much laurels to india.   why cant they give them ?
    nalla kaariyam panna dhan yosipanga…. loose thanama panradhu yelam odane odane panniduvanga

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