Amy Jackson Walks out of Hindi VTV Set

Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson

Classy director Gautham Menon’s ‘Vinnai Thaandi Varuvya’ which is being remade in Hindi has hit a standstill. Interestingly the News is that Amy Jackson, the heroine of the film walked out of the set with a slew of complaints and flew back to England without Gautham’s knowledge.

According to sources, Gautham Menon had organized a workshop for Amy to familiarize with the story, the Indian feel and other requirements of the acting part. It happened that one day the work shop session did not start on time and the Miss Liverpool was agitated.

When Amy tried to reach Gautham Menon in this regard, the director who was caught up with some other work did not respond to her call. This  added more to the frustration and eventually the actress flew back to her hometown  in England leaving the entire training unit baffled.

Now seems Amy’s act has triggered the anger of Gautham Menon. Wish to know how Gautham often known for parting ways with his technicians and actors will treat this situation.

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  1. Vasin

    Punctuality is important. We don’t take it seriously. We assume others to accommodate it. You can’t do that west. Gautham tries the west style but he fails. He is strange guy. I guess Girls don’t like him.

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