ammavin kaippesi

Ammavin Kaipesi almost complete

ammavin kaippesi

The film ‘Ammavin Kaipesi’ is almost complete. One of the major talking points about this upcoming flick is a song featuring lead pair Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Iniya, without any lyrics. Composer Rohit Kulkarni was glad to get the idea across to director/cinematographer Thangar Bachchan.

“The film is 95 percent done and just the final portions are left,” confirmed a birdie on location. The film revolves around a mobile phone that is the only connector between a mother and her nine children. It will also touch upon the hardships of a mother being separated from her own kids. Heroine Iniya plays a girl named Selvi, studying in college in her native place. She is deeply in love with her mama played by Shanthanoo. There are some intimate moments captured by the director. In one of the scenes Shanthanoo gifts Iniya a pack of lingerie. Excited over the gift the couple also engage in a lippy kiss. Actress Meenal too plays an important role as Thangar Bachan’s wife in the flick. The shoots for the film started in Puducherry on June 4th and now the film enters post production stage.




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