Ameers accepts a hero offer with Andrea

ameer and andrea

The box office performance of ‘Yogi’ has not dampened the sprit of the actor in Ameer. While we were all expecting Ameer to start his ‘Kannabiraan’ as a director he quietly agreed to act in a new film to be directed by Cheenu Ramasamy. Cheenu, whose last movie ‘Koodal Nagar’ starring Bharath and Sandhya didn’t fare well at the box-office. It is reported that the director who’s in search of that elusive break had approached most of the leading heroes. But he finally zeroed in on Ameer for his rustic looks.

In this new movie Ameer will be seen opposite the gorgeous Andrea. So when will ‘Kannabiraan’ start? ‘Jayam’ Ravi is also waiting just like we are.


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