Ameer to play Vijayakanth

Ameer is the new face
Ameer is the new face

The film Sattam Oru Iruttarai directed by S.A. Chandrashekar strikes a chord among many as it reminds us of Vijayakanth’s arrival into Tamil cinema. The flick turned out to be a breakthrough success and was consequently made in Telugu, Kannada and Hindi .Now the director wants to remake the classic flick and present the movie to the new audience employing modern technology.

S.A. Chandrashekar has opted for Ameer as his first choice to play the role of Vijayakanth. The director feels that Ameer would be apt for a character that portrays a strong rough and tough traits.

Well we definitely feel Ameer is the right choice but will the movie repeat it’s earlier success is yet to be seen.



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