Actor Ameers resignation Letter

Ameer resigns from his post of General Secretary of TANTIS following Thandavam controversy

Actor Ameers resignation Letter

Actor-director Ameer, the incumbent general secretary and the most vocal functionary in the Tamilnadu Film Directors Association(TANTIS), has resigned from his post at the Council yesterday.  In a letter addressed to the Vice-President of the Council, Ameer has put in his papers saying he was forced to do so in order to ‘preserve and protect’ the honour of the organization.

In his resignation letter, Ameer has said “For the past few days, a few persons including some Working Committee members of the Council have been leveling false allegations against me in the issue related to the complaint filed with the Council vis-à-vis the ‘actual’ owner of the script of Vikram-starrer Thandavam.  In the garb of accusing me, they are actually accusing the whole administrative functioning of the Council.

“For the past three days, they have been visiting the Council’s office and have been using unparliamentary language against me; the way they conduct themselves while criticizing me has lowered the dignity of the Council to a great extent.  I don’t want to continue to stick to a(ny) particular post when doubts are cast on my integrity.”

“If I continue to remain at the Council, they would continue to lower the dignity of the organization in their effort to degrade me.  As I strongly feel and believe that the Council is always higher than an(y) individual and in order to ensure that the Council, which has become rather powerful in recent times, shouldn’t disintegrate, I hereby tender my resignation from the post of general secretary of the Council.  I request you to kindly accept the same,” Ameer concluded.

The Council is yet to react to Ameer’s resignation letter.

Meanwhile, Vijay, the director, who has been accused of plagiarism, has expressed his sadness over Ameer’s resignation. He has said in a statement that Ameer has been wrongly critisised by some despite he acted in an unpartisan manner in the issue. He has also expressed his sense of relief over the court judgment clearing the release of the movie. He categorically says that the script of Thandavam is his own creation.


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