Ameer questions Vaigaipuyal Vadivelu

AmeerDirector-actor Ameer has come down heavily on the derogatory political campaign indulged in by comedian Vadevelu prior to the just concluded elections to the State Assembly. Vadivelu, campaigning on behalf of the ruling front in the State, took to task Vijaykanth and his style of ‘functioning’ at each and every public meeting of his, commenting at will about the actor-turned-politician.

In an interview to a leading regional weekly, Ameer has said, “Collecting crowds is not a big deal in our State….crowds throng the place whether it’s a Temple car festival or a funeral procession…Our people have this irresistible culture of crowding up at any place to observe what’s happening. It is, therefore, not a big thing that people thronged Vadivelu’s election meetings.

“Vavivelu, Singamuthu and Senthil managed to draw crowds mainly due to the curiosity factor. If Vadivelu questions the ‘Captain’ title of Vijaykanth, can he explain how the title of ‘Vaigaipuyal’ is justified as a prefix to his own name? What calamity did this ‘Puyal’ (storm) inflict on men and properties? Again, giving title to politicians and filmstars is an unwanted but  inseparaple trait of the Tamil culture.

“Vadivelu is apprehensive that Amma might stage a comeback and that’s why he is not saying anything about her. Even a child can see through his mind,” said Ameer.



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    ada pavigala vikudan la vanda appudiya coppy adichitigala  ontopic: yea vadivel is nothing but brainless as*******

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