annakodiyum kodiveeranum

Ameer opts out of Bharathiraaja’s Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum

annakodiyum kodiveeranum

The wages dispute, which has made FEFSI and the Producers’ Council gang up against each other in the past few weeks, is snowballing into a big issue and also threatens to bring to halt the shooting schedules of many films in various stages of production. While the producers have unofficially announced that they would be deciding on the wages to the crew on their own, FEFSI appears to be gearing up for another round of protest.

Bharathiraaja, president of the Directors’ Association, has aligned himself with the Producers’ Council. He has decided that he would ‘locate’ the desired crew members and has started to shoot for his upcoming film Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum (AK) in and around Theni. Director-actor Ameer, who has been roped in by the veteran director to play the lead role in AK, had only added fuel to the fire by recently announcing a ‘hike’ for directors’ fee in his capacity as Secretary and on behalf of the Directors’ Association.

Though Bharathiraaja has re-stated the shooting schedule of AK, Ameer is still in Chennai and hasn’t gone to Theni to take part in the shoot, giving rise to rumours that he might not go ahead with the film. On his part, Bharathiraaja too hasn’t said anything officially about whether or not Ameer is still part of the film. Ameer, who is staying put in Chennai, appears to be waiting for the veteran director to react in the issue.

It may be recalled that actor-director R. Parthiban was Bharathiraaja’s first choice to play the lead role in the film. For some reasons, Bharathiraaja decided to bring in Ameer in Parthiban’s place, irritating the latter to no end. Now that Ameer appears to be hesitant to go ahead with the film’s shoot, would Bharathiraaja revert back to his original choice of Parthiban?

Wait and see!


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