Ameer heaps praise on Durai Dayanidhi

Director–turned-actor Ameer, who always speaks from his heart, praised producer Durai Dayanidhi for making films by patronizing those from Madurai as well as for glorifying the rich traditions of the city though his films. The appreciation came during the audio-launch of ‘Thoonga Nagaram’ produced by Dayanidhi’s Cloud Nine Movies.

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The audio-launch, held at the Sathyam Cinemas, witnessed a huge turnout of natives from Madurai and they had a field day, whistling and clapping at regular intervals. Gaurav, the director of ‘Thoonga Nagaram’, happens to be a native of Madurai like directors Ameer, Sasikumar and Chidambaram Chettiyar (owner of Kamala Cinemas), who had come to wish the film a success.

Incidentally, Durai Dayanidhi also happens to be hailing from Madurai. As if awaiting such an opportunity, produer-director Lingusamy too confided that though he was from Thanjavur, ‘at heart’, he was from Madurai. Ameer ‘alleged’ during his speech that his friends Sasukumar and Samuthirakkani had ‘stolen’ half-portion each of the story of his ‘Kutravaali’ for their films ‘Subramaniapuram’ and ‘Nadodigal’ respectively.

I’m now left with nothing but the title alone,” he said jocularly and added that “In order to ensure that directors hailing from Madurai shouldn’t suffer for want of a good producer, it appears that God has sent a helpful producer too from Madurai in the form of Durai Dayanidhi.

Sasikumar, who spoke after Ameer, appealed to him in a friendly manner not to create a ‘wedge’ of ‘Madurai’ or ‘Chennai’ between directors who have been remaining close and friendly!



  1. aravind

    I donno whats there is great in Durai dayanidhi to be praised……if my grand father is the MD of a professional thief  company and dad as GM i will be also a flim producer easily….his dad made Madurai as home for murders and thieves……these cinema people always run behind powerful and rich persons…..Ameer is acting that he is really caring for tamils…. 

  2. g

    Well said Aravind,

    CInema ku finance panravanalam praise panra ameer oru PACHONDHI.

    World knows about MK thief & co, they control media,tv,newspaper now CINEMA;For them its hobby, they dont care about anything of public interest.

  3. aravind

    generally i used to hate bad words in comments…but smhow i cant control scolding these mother fucker family in bad words…..sorry guys….

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