Director Ameer

Ameer blames ‘inactive’ producers for the wages issue

Director Ameer

Director-actor Ameer has blamed some ‘inactive’ producers who make films only rarely as the reason for ‘blowing up’ the wages issue between film producers and the FEFSI bodies. The wages issue has taken alarming proportions with FEFSI and its affiliated bodies striking work for the past many weeks, bringing to a halt the shooting schedules of many films currently in various stages of production.

Ameer is one of the very few in Kollywood who aren’t afraid to speak out their minds. Though the ‘actual reason’ for the on-going strike is known to many, most of them hesitate to spit out the truth but not Ameer. Taking part at the audio-launch of the film Maalaipozhudhin Mayakkathilae directed by Narayan Nagendrarao at Prasad Lab recently, Ameer was at his oratorical best.

The audio was released jointly by directors Ameer, Cheran, Mysskin, Prabhu Solomon, Prabhakar, Arivazhagan, Thamira and Balaji Mohan. Speaking at the event, Ameer said “The smile on the face of the producer of this film is proof enough of the fact that producers of small-budget films are happy in Kollywood. All the technicians, crew and others appear to be in a happy frame of mind.

“The producers are willing to produce films and the technicians and workers are willing to work; still the shooting schedules have been put on hold. The issue which should have been ironed out by talking for an hour or so, has been made to drag on and on. The irony is that those who rarely make films have been in the forefront of the protest and have stalled the shootings,” he said.

Cheran said that he too prayed fro an early solution to the issue. “Delay would make the public switch their interest in cricket and other issues,” added Cheran.


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