Ameer and Priyamani seems to have silent war

Priyamani is back to form after signing her first Bollywwod flick. Ram Gopal Varma has given Priyamani the opportunity which he had promised earlier. Previously Ram Gopal Varma was floored by Priyamani’s performance in ‘Paruthi Veeran’ . Now that opportunity has come and Priyamani is debuting in Hindi through ‘Raktha Charitha’ by Ram Gopal Varma.

Here Priyamani also had a dig at other south Indian heroines who are waiting for their Hindi releases saying she did not go begging for a Bollywood offer but the offer came knocking at her door because of her talent.

Ameer who has brought many talents in the industry to lights seems to have silent war with Priyamani. Ameer is the man who is responsible for her star status today. It was widely expected Priyamani would be roped in for Ameer’s next ‘Adhi Bagavan’ when the movie was launched last month. Priyamani also expected the film to come to her and had reserved the dates. But a mild clash of egos is not letting things move forward. Priyamani is waiting for Ameer to approach her first. At the same time Ameer is also waiting for Priyamani to approach him first.

Sources say if Ameer decides not to go with Priyamani she will quietly move to co-anchor a television show along with Vidya Balan. Sources also say Priyamani is a distant cousin of Vidya Balan and that helped.


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