Amala Pauls dream comes true

Amala Paul
Amala Paul

Amala Paul entered the Tamil film industry last year with a movie titled

‘Veerasekaran’.But it was only later when ‘Sindhu Samaveli’ brought her to the attention of many as she played a controversial role in the movie.

Much has been said about ‘Mynaa’ which has made her a hot property in Kollywood,”

She too can’t get enough of the praises she is receiving for the character and commented,

“I saw the film Mynaa with the audience in Devi theatre. After the film was over the audience identified me and called me Mynaa. I was so happy when they called me by this name. All this is like a dream to me”

The damsel is excited about the way her career is shaping up. As close resources told us she enjoyed watching Vikram’s films during her school days and was an ardent fan.

After news broke out recently that she will be acting with him for his next flick her joy knows no boundaries and adds on “it s a dream come true for me.”

Mynaa, your fans are eagerly waiting for your future releases, we wish you luck for your next one and hope you continue to give us great performances.



  1. Vasin

    She wont shine for long time. She is like Sherin who became very popular after thuluvudha illmai. After that she was no where to be seen. Same is with Amala Paul

  2. Vasin

    No that is not me. I didn’t see Mynaa. But I wouldn’t normally say someone can’t do something. That is not fair.

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