Amala Paul praises Vikram as the next Kamal


Thanks to her last year’s successful ‘Mynaa’, actress Amala Paul has started going places in Kollywood. The actress has landed up some plum offers, prominent among them being the film ‘Deivathirumagal’ which is likely to hit the screens in a fortnight’s time from now. The film has been directed by Vijay, who has built a reputation for himself with films like ‘Madarasapattinam’ and ‘Kireedom’.

‘Deiva…’ has Vikram playing the lead role and the sexy Anushka and Amala Paul as his co-stars. Vikram’s role is a special one as he plays the character of a person with ‘special needs’. The script has been set in a zone, which hasn’t been touched upon by many film-makers in the past. Special scripts usually require special stars and it is only appropriate that ‘Chiyaan’ is playing the central role in the film.

Amala, who has completed shooting for the film, is amazed at the histrionics of her co-star Vikram. Echoing the widely-held view in Kollywood that Vikram is the closest of the contemporary crop of actors, who deserve to be compared with the great Kamal Haasan, Amala says that Vikram is the ‘next Kamal Haasan’ in her opinion when it comes to delivering performances on-screen.

“Though he is already an established star, the way he prepared himself for his character in the film was a lesson for all of us. He almost behaved as if he was a newcomer, taking great care to ensure that everything was in place properly prior to going for the shoot. He always strives for excellence and doesn’t rest at peace till he achieves that in each and every frame. It was really unbelievable,” exclaims Amala.

Talking about her own role in the film, she simply says it’s a role which is in quite contrast to the one she played in ‘Mynaa’. “I play the role of a modern but deglamourized urban girl in the film. I hope the film clicks in a big way,” signs off Paul.


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