Amala Paul joins anti-corruption movement


Amala Paul has raised her hands against corruption.She recently met an NRI Tamizhan named Vijay Anand who is the founder and president of an anti-corruption movement called 5th pillar that inspired her to take up the cause.

Speaking for the 5th pillar anti-corruption movement Amala says, “Today I want to talk about a very important issue and share with everyone of you.India holds a top position in many fields. In cricket we have got the World Cup,in music we have bagged the Oscars,our IT brainpower is present in US and Europe but why is India not listed in the top five developed entries?” Reflecting further on the burning issue she adds, “We are fortunate to have some good politicians,good officials and good bureaucrats in spite of them why can’t we prosper as a country.The biggest hindrance for all this is corruption.” Asking her fans to join her in the Amala motivated them saying, “All of us are superheroes and super heroines.Like Swami Vivekananada said – Unleash the power within you.That is what 5th pillar is all about and I’ll proudly say I am a 5th pillar.” The actress is back from her shoots in Iceland and her Mohanalal flick Run Baby Run has received a great run since it’s Onam release.She is now shooting for Jayam Ravi’s Nimirndhu Nil.We applaud the young actress for taking the bold step and joining the crusade against corruption.


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