Amala Paul is Anaka: From Sindhu Samaveli

Amala Paul, who made her debut in the film Veerasekaran, has undergone a name change. Director Samy, who is directing Amala in the film Sindhu Samaveli has changed her name to Anaka.

She’s determined to make a mark in Kollywood and her choice of roles clearly indicate that. Anakha, who hails from Cochin, believes that bold roles are what will make her stand out from the rest.

The actress, who is in her second year of college, says, “I made my debut through Veerasekaran. And I have a couple of movies releasing. One is Myna and the other is Sindhu Samaveli. Actually, Samy sir, the director of Sindhu Samaveli, saw the rushes of Myna and chose to cast me in his film.”

Director Samy is known to choose bold topics to make movies. Ask Anakha about it and she smiles, “When I heard the story after the photoshoot, I was shocked. It was like I had been struck by thunder because the character I had to portray demanded a maturity that was far beyond my age. But I chose to do it, because I didn’t want to do the usual characters like others. Only when you do something different, will you be able to gain attention. I trusted Samy sir and did this role. I am pretty sure the film will succeed.”

Amala is reportedly happy that she has got a unique name and says that the name change is not concerned with astrology or numerology.



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