Amala Paul happy to be debuting in Tollywood

Amala Paul

Actress Amala Paul is on ‘Cloud Nine’ as she is making her debut in Telugu films. The actress has managed to garner huge popularity thanks to her last year’s super-duper hit ‘Mynaa’. The Prabhu Solomon-directed flick, which had Amala essaying a typical village belle’s role, made film-makers turn and take notice of Amala.

She is very happy about the fact that ‘Deiva Thirumagal’, her latest film in which she has co-starred Vikram and Anushka, is also doing well in theatres. Though Vikram and Anushka have major roles in the film, Anushka’s small but significant role didn’t go unnoticed by the critics and movie-goers. She has a couple of films in Tamil in ‘Vettai’ opposite Aarya and ‘Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal’ (MUK) opposite Atharva.

She is mighty excited about her role in ‘MUK’ opposite the lanky Atharva, son of late actor Murali. In fact, she is doubly happy that she is making her debut in Telugu with the simultaneous making of MUK in Telugu with the title ‘Bejawada’ opposite Naga Chaitanya. directed by Ram Gopal Varma It may be noted that Anushka, who is on friendly terms with Amala, has advised the latter to watch more Telugu films to get acquainted with the language.

If the Telugu film goes on to become a hit, Amala might soon find herself busy in Telugu films as well!



  1. DK

    somehow i feel she looks very ordinary!priyanka chopra lookalike in side face…hmmmm nayan madri varathu 😎

  2. Naidu

    All Kollywood & Bollywood industry people r bastards, dey will F&!k & leave u on th road…Only Tollywood people r good in India..So better act more movies here & settle down here… Jai Tollywood & MF Kollywood & Bollywood.

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