Amala Paul bumps Sameera off balance from her scooty

Amala Paul bumps Sameera off balance from her scooty

There was some confusion at the sets of director Lingusamy’s Vettai with one of the scenes being shot injuring Sexy Sam. It happened so that both Sameera Reddy and her sister in the movie- Amala Paul were being filmed on two Scootys. Sameera was happily taking the lead on her own scooty followed by our Mynaa girl trying to balance on another scooty just behind her. Lens man Nirav Shah had planned a beautiful scene set in the backdrops of the Kutralam waterfalls with both his ladies dressed in lovely half-saris. The scene was the one showing how cupid strikes the sisters as they fall madly in love with Arya and Maddy. Now only if Amala hadn’t bumped into Sameera throwing the poor girl out off balance, things could have rolled smoothly.

Sameera fell right on her face and got her legs bruised in the process. Soon crew members hurried her to a nearby medical shop to get first aid. Amala was the first one to help her co-actress get up, as she apologetically helped Sameera clean up the mess. A nervous Amala even shed a tear or two initially seeing Sam all bruised but things got back to normal when her sis returned back to the sets after receiving treatment. Now they surely won’t escape Maddy and Arya pulling their legs about the scooty episode.

Oohh! Sameera does it hurt!!!




  1. Smile

    Ok so Sam-Maddy and Amala-Arya are the love birds.So i suppose its love at first sight for the ladies but what if they fall for the wrong person?I mean Amala-Maddy and Sam-Arya??Enna kodumai sir edhu???

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