Allu Arjuns Wedding Card Still

Allu Arjun card

Allu Arjun will be entering wedlock with Sneha Reddy daughter of business tycoon and educationist KC Sekhar Reddy on March 6th 2011 at Hitex Madhapur, Hyderabad. The couple earlier got engaged on November 26, 2010.

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We got an exclusive snap of the wedding card which will be given out to the guests. On first look we can assure you that Style King Allu has designed the card in his signature style. Each card cost a price of Rs.1200 and will be sent out to relatives and all the near and dear ones close to the family. On opening the box you can find the wedding invitation card and some tempting gold coated sweets greeting you, waiting to be munched upon.

The wedding will be attended by Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Mani Ratnam, Shankar, Aamir Khan, Anil Kapoor, Surya, Karthi, AR Murugadoss, Puneet Rajkumar, Prabhu Deva, Nayantara and many others who will add to the glittering celebrity presence.

This ceremony will be one of those which will go down in the ‘BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING’ list.



  1. vasin

    Apadiyooo idhu enna invitation card ah illa marriage ku yarum vare vendam idhulaiye meals,deseart ellam parcel panni veedu veedu kodurangala? Ellam money irukura thimuru…ithu la spend pannura money la orphanage or old age people ku help pannalam….


    how would u know if he helped any old folks home or orphange? dun jus comment bcos u have to say something.. his wish to spend his money the way he wants it!! it’s a unqiue wedding invitation and instead of appreciating it u’re disgracing it!!

  3. jo

    ya correct.we should not waste money on the marriage. God does not want us to do that . we should help the poor ones rather giving a costly invitation, he will be blessed more …………..

  4. S.Ramanathan

    It may be his parents choice to have a expensive invitation. We cannot question that , Allu is a nice guy.

  5. ss

    pathupa yelarum marriage date pakama sweet mattum pathutu march6th  varama poiraporanagoooooooooooo………………
    sir marriage ku invitation konduvantha pothuma illa sweet yum serthu konduvaranuma,,,,,,,,,,sweet illatha vips outstandig person ah vituramatingaley………

  6. tamilan

    best website iv’e sreached for tamil moives i rate it 10/10 good on you folks 🙂  let us all enjoy the site together tamil valga!

  7. Vasin

    WTF! I don’t really feel for for charities and charitable minds, organisations like orphanages, beggers, those fatty woman loosing their husbands and their children…..etc; instead I would want them get to the stage fighting with discipline and style. Also I would encourage extravagant spending. I was not interested in this page at all.

  8. Vasin

    Hey @usha

    I am not uncivilised. I am not civilised as much as @S.Ramanathan but I am not uncivilised. I have to clash with many because of my forward reasoning and materialism eg. physicality, adopting western..etc instead of backward reasoning eg. maintaing culture, compassion, gratitude…etc.   

  9. Vasin

    Hey Ramy! You think of many possiblities quickly. You are intelligent in the real sense of the term. And you are highly civilised and good natured. I am proud to have you as one of us.

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