Allu Arjun refuses to kiss Tamannah for his Telugu flick ‘Badrinath’

allu arjun

It is interesting to hear that an actor refuses to kiss his co-partner in a film. This happened in the Telugu film industry. Tamannah has almost acted in Tamil with all the leading actors and now Telugu films are pouring on Thamanna. Now she is pairing with Allu Arjun in Telugu film titled Badrinath. Vinayak is directing Badrinath.

The director wanted to shoot a lip  lock scene between Allu Arjun and Tamannah.  These days  scenes  involving the hero and heroine  kissing have become inevitable in Telugu films.Most of the latest releases in telugu have lip lock scenes. Tamannah was ok with the scene but Allu Arjun  quietly refused to do involve in the act..

In spite of the director requesting him many times, Allu refused to act in the kiss scene. When enquired about this, the crew said that Allu films which had kiss scenes have flopped and hence he is sentimentally refusing to do these kinds of scenes.



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