Ajmal Ameer in international project ‘Denova’- An Latin American Movie

ajmal ameer

Opportunities will automatically knock youe door if u do your homework. Actor Ajmal Ameer, the angry young man from the Tamil film ‘Anjathey’, is excited about his maiden international project. Dubai-based ad filmmaker Swabri directs “Denova”, which essentially means ‘Ultimate Truth’.

It is basically a kind of a Latin American movie and the story is about a nuclear family, how a tragedy strikes it and how they overcomes it,” the actor said. Mumbai-based Auroshika plays the female lead. Ajmal plays different roles — that of a person from the mid-twenties to thirties. The character evolves through the different phases and his surmounting the ordeal forms part of the story. The film will be released in different languages, including Hindi, Arabic, Persian and Iranian.

Ajmal is currently busy with K.V. Anand’s Ko with Jeeva and Karthika, Venkat-directed Kathirvel with Sunaina and Karuppanpatti by debut director Prabhu.


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