Ajmal’s ‘K’ Sentiment

Ajmals K Sentiment

Ajmal, the actor who has received rave reviews in all his films claims that the letter ‘K’ has brought him luck in his career so far. Yes. The actor’s character name was ‘Kiruba’ in his debut flick ‘Anjathey’, which gave him well introduction into tamil cinema. Now he has signed three films which start with letter ‘K’ namely – Kathirvel, Ko and Karuppanpatti.

When asked what role he plays in the upcoming movies the actor says“In Kathirvel, I play a rustic villager role, and in Karuppanpatti, I play a dual role, each of which are set in two different periods. Now, with Ko, I’ve got the opportunity to work with one of the best filmmakers in the industry, K V Anand. “

Now, wouldn’t you agree that ‘K’ is indeed lucky for me?” asks the actor with a smile.

Lets wish the actor and his ‘K’ lucky sentiment  brings him success.



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