Ajith’s heroine Anushkha for 50th Film

Ajith's heroine Anushkha for his 50th Film

Ajith had been in constant deliberation over his Golden Jubilee film with ‘Vetrimaran’, ‘Goutham Menon’, and ‘Venkat Prabhu’.

After not so good ‘Asal’, Ajith decided to do a film with ‘Goutham Menon’ but the director opted out following disagreements. Ajith wanted to preen his image as a hero or a star and hence was in disagreement with ‘Goutham Menon’ for his script did not give him the star’s edge.

Things were sealed within a few days and Producer Dhayanithi Alagiri is producing Ajith’s next film which will be directed by ‘Venkat Prabhu’ and the film is titled ‘Mangatha’.

Samantha was supposed to be the heroine as Goutham Menon was about to direct the film but now Anushka grabbed the opportunity to pair with Ajith who earlier paired with ‘Vijay’ in ‘Vettaikaran’, ‘Surya’ in ‘Singam’ and ‘Madhavan’ in the not so popular ‘Rendu’. Remember, the ‘not so good’ ‘Mobila Mobila’ song?

But it does cross our minds here Anushka’s comment while speaking at the press meet of ‘Singam’ is Telugu dubbed version ‘Yamudu’ only a couple of days ago. At the press meet Anushka said Although I do films in Tamil my first preference undoubtedly is Telugu”

Hope, ‘Mangatha’ will cater to the image of Ajith and will make his own fans find his film good!



  1. Anonymous

    super…thala rockzzz… ippo sila vijay pannada fans enna pannumna..ajith oda news illatha pothu…. surya va asingama pesunaga…..niraya asingamana comments ellam pottanga..ippo thala vanthuduchu nu sonna vudane vijay fans ku alluuuuuu illama…inga thala ya pathi kanda padi comments poduvanuga……. yen ha bayam ajith, Surya va kanda bayam……. athuvum illama romba cheap ha fans yaruna..athu vijay ku mattum than irukkum… yen na avanga podra comments liyae theriyum…appadi illa nu prove pannatum…. pakalam… vijay fans kannugala.. unga comments la than irukku neega eppadi nu….lets wait and see….

  2. Ragini

    hahha.Dont worry anon, no one will put bad comment about ajith or surya here.. because your message was good and positive(In that message, your finally saying dont put Bad comments about Actors)..good message.after reading your message.. def/.. vijay fans realize.

  3. Anonymous

    To First Anon,

    What are you trying to say..? Indirectly you are forcing others to make bad comments..

    All fans are equally good and bad..ofcourse human beings too..

  4. Anonymous

    I am not the fan of any hero..so I can post my comment..

    Personally I admire ajith for his courage and outspoken mind…

    But when comes to acting ..really really he needs to improve,especially the way he speaks in tamil..

    Take an example of Red movie, He utters a word 'Ila Rattham' ..OMG..

    I think only in tamil field these kinds of things happening..

    Let the actors study tamil properly before come infront of the camera..

  5. Anonymous

    hey buddies.. y r u making surya to stand with thala… ?? thala mass enna class ennaa…… thala fans ll b in thala way… vijay fans ll b vijay… thalayum vijayum frnds eh irukaraapo,fans eduku sanda potukuringa……

  6. Anonymous

    inga enna comment avalava kaanum. enna first anon..neega potta comment ku ellarum mariyatha koduthu irukangalae parava illaye. super ponga..neega nethi adi comment pottu irukeenga.

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