Ajith helicopter stunt

Ajith’s death defying helicopter stunt in Billa 2 – Pic

Ajith helicopter stunt

Thala Ajith has performed real death defying stunts, for his upcoming release Billa 2 .Stuntman Kecha Khamphakdee did tell us how privileged he felt working with the star actor, who too loves kicking up action anytime, anywhere. One of the scenes from the movie has become a talking point among Thala fans of late.

“It’s a real stunt by Ajith Kumar. So scary.Hanging may be easy for some stunt people. But falling from a flying chopper was shock for my life!” says Sarath Mandava, who has done the screenplay for Billa 2. The scene has Ajith hanging loose from the helicopter, on just one hand. Since our hero loves to take all the risk by himself, without any body doubles, many were biting off their fingernails during the shoots, praying everything worked just fine. Says stuntmaster Kecha, Believe me guys, in my career as a stunt man I was a real daredevil. But when I saw how Ajith jumped off a helicopter under those conditions and how he hanged on to it with one hand in the helicopter my blood froze in my veins.” The teaser for the film has already crossed 4 lakh views within days of its release, on popular online portal Youtube. Meanwhile Billa 2 Intro “Gangster Song” is proving to be a rage, releasing yesterday 25th April. News is that the official 3-minute trailer for the film will be out on May 1st, also being Ajith’s birthday. Check out the pic folks – exclusively brought to you by Kollytalk.


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