Ajiths Billa 2 to head to the Pearl city of Thootukkudi

Billa 2 Poster

Thala Ajiths Billa 2 has been enjoying a smooth sail in Hyderabad for the past couple of weeks. Earlier the actor maintained his strong belief in the movie doing the talking, with many of his fans disappointed with the low-key Mankatha audio launch sans Ajith himself. The reason cited was his Billa 2 Hyderabad shoots which now would wrap up in the next few days. Close sources from the sets report that director Chakri Toleti has been on his heels trying not to waste even a single second as he wants to move on to the next shooting schedule.

The Billa 2 team will now head to the โ€œPearl cityโ€ of Thootukkudi where some of the important shots will be canned. The port city of Thootukkudi is famous for pearl diving, fishing and holds its place among the major sea gateways of Tamil Nadu making it the apt choice to capture some vibrant shots. ย Later the crew heads to the sunny beaches of Goa,then Hyderabad,Pondicherry and the Vodka famous nation-Russia, making it to the list of exotic foreign locales.

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  1. S M

    2005 – Anniyan, Ghajini
    2006 – Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi 
    2007 – Pokkiri, Shaviji 
    2008 – Dasavatharam, Vaaranam Aayiram
    2009 – Ayan, Nadodigal
    2010 – Paiyaa, VTV
    2011 – Ko, Surithai

    Even though Mr. Ajith Kumar haven’t got any skills like Acting, Dancing, Dilogue Delivery, etc and also haven’t given any superdooper hit movies for last seven years, but he is still surviving in the Tamil film industry.

    So Mr. Ajith please tell the secrete to other talented actors so that others also benefited…  

  2. DK

    Even his songs are not that great like vijay n simbu movies except few..guess he has very loyal fans,who stand by him come what may…the problem with ajith is that he chooses very bad movies..have u guys seen his movie Alwar n Asal??such a lowzy movies i have never came across from any super heroes..if he gives back to back hits i think he will be unstoppable..he has charishma of international standards..an honest man.

  3. S M

    Mr. Jeffin

    In last seven years superdooper hits only one Vijay movie is there, other vijay movies are may be boxoffice hit or flop…

    Even in that list Rajini, Kamal, Vikram, Suriya, Karthi, Sasikumar, Jiiva movies are there, but not Ajith…

  4. S M

    Don’t say me as surya fan.
    Bcoz he also helping  Udhayanidi and Dayanidhi Alagiri to covert looted public money into white by acting in their production…  

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