Ajiths 220 kmph Singapore import bike in Mankatha


Earlier it was Venkat Prabhu who turned a million heads with his bold statement saying his choice for the lead actor for Mankatha was Vivek Oberoi which went under a sudden change, after receiving congratulatory messages in a call from Thala Ajith himself. With Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music booming the neighborhood speakers loud, fans burst out with joy with movie release date being slated for an August 30th.

Director Venkat Prabhu had mentioned, “We have also added a motor cycle race, one of the favorites of Ajith for the first time in Tamil films.” Thala fans will be aware of his penchant for cars, bikes and even remote control helicopters. On enquiring about this bike race we came to know that Thala will be using an imported Singapore bike that can reach deadly speeds. A rage on the road this beauty boasts of an average speed of 190 kms/ hr. In fact when Thala smoked the gears for the first time on the sets, those watching him were awestruck at the speed he passed by and when they told him to slow down just a little bit Thala replied with a smile, “This is nothing, it can reach upto 220 kms/hr, but for that I’ll need to break a safety lock installed inside the machine.”

The racy thriller – Mankatha is awaited by Thala fans this coming 30th of August.







  1. sandy

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  2. DK

    @sembian..very well done..amazing concept..the entire video is shot in same angle..good that it was in different filming than normal one..that made us not to find any drawback in acting..nice editing too..good job

  3. S M

    220 கிலோமீட்டர் வேகத்தில் படமும் தியட்டரை விட்டு ஓடிபோய்டுமுனு கண்டிப நம்பலாம்

  4. sri

    un thalapathy mathiri building ku building thava mudiyathu da……korangu paiya pulla……antha monna munja vachikutu yena scene poduran…..

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