Ajith:I am here to stay Ready and eager to run the extra mile

Ajith Mangatha Poster

Ajith, who has completed over 15 years in Tamil cinema and is all set to roll out his golden jubilee film later next month, has categorically stated that he is here to stay and here to act. These assurances carry greater significance for his die-hard fans and devoted followers, For till now, the actor has been precariously juggling his film career with his passion for motor sports.

It was inevitable that one of the two had to take a beating.

Since the time actor had found the lure of the race track hard to resist, it meant that he could do just one film a year and also His recent releases got a drubbing at the box office.  But now sources close to the actor say, “He has made his intentions clear. Now that he has decided to stay away from car racing, the actor is planning to do movies one after another and work with the best directors of kollywood at the same time promote  encouraging fresh talent.”

The actor is just as optimistic and says, “I am in my 50th film. As I glance back, I see the journey as a difficult one. To have survived in such a volatile industry is no easy task. I have been walking a tightrope.”

The actor acknowledges that it has been the support and encouragement from his die-hard fans that has kept him going. They have always given his films grand openings, which were often the envy of many of his contemporaries in the industry.

Having set his priorities, Ajith is showing that he means business. He will soon commence shooting for Mangaatha (present title) to be directed by Venkat Prabhu, which co-stars him with Nagarjuna.

Impressed after watching Madarasapattinam, Ajith, who worked with director Vijay in Kireedom earlier, readily agreed to do a movie with him early next year.

In addition to all this, the actor is ready to team up with director Vishnuvardhan once again to do a sequel to Billa. The movie, inspired by the Rajinikanth cult classic was a milestone in the actor’s career. Ajith has also committed to doing a film with Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Sources close to the actor say that he is keen to repay his fans for their loyal support and patronage by giving them some outstanding entertainment.

Having firmly set his priorities, the actor continues to scout for creative filmmakers to ensure that his attempt to revive his flagging box-office fortunes, clicks in a big way. “I am here to stay. Ready and eager to run the extra mile!” he says with a determined lilt in his voice.



  1. Sundar

    I like ajith movie very much, but he dont know how to select the story and director for the film.
    Motor racing is ur passion if u want to win(means everest top) in motor race or cinema. Pls concentrate fully on any of the one activity like motor race or cinema (that means if you want win).
    Otherwise u dont want win but u need money means now ur doing is right.

    I am not big person, but its truth.


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