Ajith to disband all Fan Clubs on his 40th birthday

Ajith Kumar

‘Thala’ Ajith Kumar has announced that he’d be disbanding all the Fans’ Clubs operating in his name in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere as he felt that ‘good intention’ is the criterion needed to carry out welfare activities and it need not be in the form of Fan Clubs or some movements.

In a statement issued to the press through his PRO Sundar, Ajith has thanked all his fans and the general public who have always supported and stood by him during all these years. He said that he was only revealing something that had been in his mind ‘for a long time now’.

“I have never used my fans for any selfish purposes. As my fans, they always enjoy the right to criticize my film the way they want. I’m also aware that all my fans need not necessarily be part of the Fan Clubs. That’s one of the reasons I never tried to differentiate between my fans and Fan Club members.

“I firmly believe that lack of unity, internal bickerings, refusal to obey the leadership, functioning on its own and behaving in a manner that would be detrimental to the reputation of the Fan Club are not attributes that go along with my thought process. Even the welfare activities carried out for the public should in no way be disturbing others, including the families of the fans.

“In fact, one doesn’t need to belong to a movement or an organization to undertake welfare measures for the society; mere intention to do so would be sufficient. I, therefore, am disbanding all Fan Clubs operating in my name with effect from the 1st of May, which also happens to be my 40th birthday. I’d consider the support to my decision by my fans as be the ideal birthday gift from them to me,” said Ajith.

Definitely this is a shock for all Ajith fans!!!



  1. T Rajender

    bravo ajith atleast, now your fan club lazy boys can go work for their family, rather than doing vetti velai in the fab clubs

  2. bala

    you proved to be straight forward and bold.. no one in tamil film industry can take such bold decisions without having second thoughts

  3. pump

    he is not that kind, he is simple and real. what do you know about him? just movies paathutu 2,3 poster pathutu i know ajith nu dont talk rubbish about him.

  4. Vasin

    Eamaanthukitte irpom! Worl Cup Finals’la oru South Indian aadala. State Ministers, Sun News, Cinema Stars, IAS Officers, Police Officers, Professionals…ellarume Thamil’a grammatical errors’oda thaan peseraanga. We are loosing our identity. Indian’nu solrathu vellakaaranuku; namba oorla namba Thamilar.

  5. Vasin

    Enna theriyanum? Does he have a fair ass’na? Neenga vote podra political leader’a pathi enna theriyum ongluku? Avrukullara puguntha paarpeenga? Enna pesareenga? Ethukaga Thamilar psychology feelings … puriyatha after all oru non Thamil actor’a prominent aakidareenga. He knows he has established a strong base here among our youngsters; now he wants to capitalise on it by differentiating himself from Vijay who is another bastard having millions of following.

  6. Vasin


    Mothalla Saambar Rasam stop pannitu meat saapdunga; lamb blood varuthu saapdunga; then at least if you are yet to marry your children will inherit dense bones & flesh, strong physiques and strong minds like Germans who believe and love themselves so command respect.

    Neenga puthusilla; all along our history namba oor kaaranga have not had the mettle. Thamil Thamil Thamil nu oorukula sound kudupaanga. Konjam osarama, nerama, naalu English’oda oru aalu munnadi vanthu ninna ellam pochu. Sir Sir enbaanga. Yen? Self identity strong illa; so no self respect; so no confidence.

    Arumayana democratic amd smooth West/British style’a way of life vaanaam. Moguls kondutu vantha Islamic North India style thaan venum. Wake up man!

  7. Aravind

    u always speak straight from u r heart..though i am not a very vbig fan of u…i love u r attitude and helping tendency..u r simply a good soul…..hope u would achieve very big success in u r movies also….

  8. All is well

    Vidunga boss … intha Vasin nayee.. sorry sorry panni… kathittu potum…  Vaitheruchal party… vyakkaanum pesuthu… Senseless arguments…
    There is no relation between the comments given & he is typing… jst want to show off…  Raja nee kathu ma… vai vallikka kathu…  Annayvarum kaathai mudikangooo….

  9. Vijay Fan

    Aamma boss… evannuku ethanee time elarukittayum thittu vanginaalum soranaya varamattuthu..
    nalla mattukku oru sudu… nalla manishanukku oru sollu..
    ivan maada manishana ????????? puriyala yee….

  10. Thamizhan

    So… I have supports from people…
    So funky Bas… is down now… better you get rid of this forum… 

    Dei kathuu da…. enna vennunallum kathuu.
    Neeya un kaathula vaangamma vera ethavathu vazhila (S..) vangitu… unnakke serum…

    I don’t ask moderator I ask you with respect…

  11. Thamizhan

    dont try to ente comments & waster your time… i will not enter comments hereafter… see you in some other page..
    This discussion officially ends here….

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