Ajith Latest Photo 2012

Ajith takes a dig on actors entering politics

Ajith Latest Photo 2012

He doesn’t open his mouth quite often. Yet, whenever he does so, he makes splash in the print and television media with his bold and forthright comments on matters of interest. Actor Ajith, who has a thinking head on his shoulders, doesn’t mince his words when he decides to speak: be it in a chat with presspersons or on stage.

Opining on the increasing trend of film-stars (read actors) taking to politics in the past few years, Ajith has a poser for them. He wonders why at all they should ever think of plunging into politics when they are doing fine in films. “When they know very well about the film world and are adept in surviving in it, why to plunge their heart and body into something about which they may not be knowing much?” asks Ajith.

In view of the huge popularity Ajith enjoys among all sections of the people, it has been rumoured for a long time now that Ajith might ‘enter’ politics. The expectation surrounding the issue of whether or not Ajit would test waters in politics is next only to the assumptions and predictions about superstar Rajinikanth’s much-awaited entry which hasn’t yet come about.

Ajith never shies away from exercising his democratic duty of casting his vote. Like any ordinary citizen, he’d stand in queue to cast his vote. In a casual chat with newsmen who queried as to whether he’d enter politics, he said that “There are already many political outfits in the State. I respect those leaders who started off as activists, put in extreme hard work and have risen to the level of great leaders.

“At the same time, I find it very amusing as to how film-stars take to politics without understanding the nuances of it and banking heavily and solely on the popularity gained through films. I know what films are but don’t know much about politics. I thought it’d be better for me to stay as what I am as don’t want to get confused myself as well as end up confusing the people,” concluded Ajith.

Does anyone see any reference to any actor?


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