Ajith to star in sequel to Rajini’s super-duper hit Baashha?


Reports from Kollywood say that Ajith Kumar, who starred in the remake of superstar Rajinikanth’s super-duper hit film Billa few years ago with the consent and blessings of Rajini, is now all set to star in the sequel to Baashha, yet another super-duper hit film of Rajini.

Ajith’s Billa not only turned out to be a super-hit but also managed to help him establish his own style in costumes. Of late, Kollywood film-makers have been evincing keen interest in remaking success films of yesteryears. Trend of making sequel to successful films of the past has also been fast catching up with Kollywood directors and producers.

Some months back, Suresh Krissna, director of Rajini’s Baashha, reportedly approached the ‘man of the masses’ with an idea to make a sequel to the film which was not only an iconic hit but also paved the way for gangster-films in Tamil cinema. Rajini, however, didn’t approve the idea and turned down the offer.

It is now reported that not the one to lose heart, Suresh approached Ajith with the script who is said to have expressed an interest to star in the sequel. If everything goes well, an announcement could soon be expected about Suresh-Ajith’s first joint venture.


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