Ajith Speaks from the airport

Ajith Kumar is happy with the outcome of his racing so far in the FIA 2010 Formula Two Championship at Marrakech in Europe. Especially the fans were relieved when they heard that Ajith miraculously escaped an accident at the race. And Ajith who is returning to Chennai  today will fly out of the city in two days.

Click here to Watch the Video of the Marrakech Accident

Minutes before boarding a flight back home, the actor was asked  about the accident “I was four cars behind and I could see it all,” said actor Ajith, who, in car number 28, was revving up to race along the tracks.

I managed to get past the debris and tried not to let it affect me,Marrakech is a street circuit and very challenging. I drove as well as I could,” said the actor, who is returning to the race tracks after a six year hiatus, during which time he has also gained some girth. The actor failed to match his qualifying time, and even crashed out with just two laps to go.

“I was not unnerved by the early accident, but it is a fact that I lost concentration briefly. I even made a silly mistake at turn 1 ,” added the actor. However, he competed 90% of the distance to the tape , and was classified a honourable 13th.

The score card is not bad actually, after four races. Two 18th placements and two at the 13th, “It’s not bad, considering where I am coming from, which is from a lay off from grease and thickly into grease paint,” he said. Mastering the laps is tougher than bashing up a bunch of reel-life villains scripted by stunt masters, laughed the actor. “Here, you are on your own.

And this is where I have to prove that I am a passable hero, when measured against some of the world’s best,” said Ajith. Added his wife Shalini shared. “May 1 was his birthday, and I am glad that despite the testing moments, he is willing to complete the calendar,” she said.

The main reason for this flash visit of Ajith is to hold talks with Gautham Menon and Vettrimaran over future projects. Buzz from Ajith’s office reveals that the news of Ajith’s next film will be out in two days.

After deciding his next film Ajith will have to fly to Italy to resume his  next races.



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