Ajith says Venkatprabhu is the best director he’s worked with

Ajith Venkat Prabhu

Actor Ajith has gone on record praising his ‘Mankatha’ director sky-high. The actor, who prefers keeping a low-profile, announced the disbanding of all the fans’ club in the State operating in his name. No top actor in Ajith’s place would have done so as it would be tantamount to agreeing that he/she had fallen out of favour with the producers and directors.

After asking all his fans to disband the fans’ clubs, Ajith asked them to indulge in some social work instead for the welfare of the community members. After completing the shooting of his landmark 50th film ‘Mankatha’, Ajith has already started shooting for his dream project ‘Billa-2’, a sequel to his highly successful film ‘Billa’ (2007).

Speaking about his upcoming ‘Mankatha’, Ajith lavished praise on director Venkatprabhu saying that the latter is easily the ‘best director’ he has seen in his career so far. These remarks were uttered while the star was speaking to an English daily about the film. “Venkatprabhu is a pucca professional director and looks very matured. The days I spent with him during the making of the film were really nice.

“Venkat has his own knack of extracting work from the actors and the crew. To be frank, he ranks among the top in the list of directors I’ve worked with so far. One of the roles I play in ‘Mankatha’ is that of Vinayak Madhavan, whose main goal is to earn and save money; everything else is secondary to him. This particular character, I feel, would be loved by the audience,” said the star.

We’ll sure check it out when the film hits the screens!


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