Ajith Kumar at Monza, Italy with a personal best lap time

Ajith Kumar at Monza, Italy

Ajith Kumar had an eventful Race 1 at Monza, Italy  for the Round 5 of the F2 Championship on May 22. Qualifying at P20 out of 21 drivers, Ajith completed the race in 14th position with his personal best lap time of 1:46.500.

Says Ajith, “I feel proud and privileged to race amongst some of the best drivers in the championship, especially our own country’s Armaan Ebrahim and Parthiva Sureshwaran. I am thrilled to be racing on this excellent circuit in Monza, Italy and am happy that I have completed the race in 14th Position. I hope to do better in Round 6.”

In Race 2 on May 23, Ajith Kumar started at P20 and finished the race at 15th place with a personal best lap time of 1:46.211. Says Ajith, “I had a perfect race this time without getting involved in any incidents. I maintained my pace throughout the race and managed to not get lapped. At the end of this weekend, I can say that the overall exercise was very productive and I am confident of doing much better in the forthcoming rounds.”

While Fellow country men  Armaan ebrahim and Parthiva Sureshwaren finished  the race at 5 and 11 place
Monza, Italy Race 2 Results-Formula 2


  1. Anonymous

    Mr. Ajith Our thala Compare to Marrakeh Round 3&4 good improvement,in this match also you went in good KPH 193.10,

    Thala next race in Zolder round 7 & 8 please takecare in the circuit. This circuit is little critical Total 10 turns, before race good speed is maximum 130kph, please try your best in this circuit, please try to take points uder 10 position,

    My request kindly use your f2 3 boost in correct time, please see the black flag carefully to open the boost

    iam seeing your all race, please takecare & dont go back of Natlia kowalska, and beat the stoneman & Jolyn palmer

    Best of luck for the next race

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