Ajith injured in Billa 2 Shooting

Thala Ajith injured  shooting for Billa 2

Thala Ajiths has been up on his heels for his next venture Billa 2 with director Chakri Toleti calling the shots. The last we heard was the flick completing its Hyderabad schedule. Ajith’s Billa 2 has now started its second leg shoots in the party crazy Goa nation and the project has been shaping up really well.

Amidst the good news, the party turned sour when Thala was shooting one of the action scenes and he slipped out of control. Thala landed right on his back and had to pull his hands out early to support the unexpected fall. Nevertheless our hero picked himself up to the surprise of every one and brushed of the dust from his collars. Thala only suffered some minor scratches on his palms and the back of his hand but he had his own way of telling his crew members that he was all ‘fine and Ok’. He simply smiled at his crew members without saying a word and the team was more than assured that their David was all right. Earlier our David met his fans for about 15 minutes and even treated some of them to a cup of Goan tea, true to his gentleman ways.

Now Thala it’s your fans blessings that worked for you right?

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  1. gkr

    super news…this will change the world for sure..whoever you are who wrote this-go get a life. educate urself and then ur children. FYI im not a vijay fan. he also sucks wiith the above actor.

  2. Soola Karuppan

    1) no one is forcing u to hop on this site 2) no one is forcing u to read the content 3) I have no business replying to ur stupid comment.. good luck!

  3. O8

    If u Not Intrested ….. No nEEd TO coMMent Use less k… wat U f beHind u!!! at Least he got fans behind hime… wat u got??

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