Ajith hikes his fee to 17 crore after Mankatha Success

Ajith fee 17 Crore after Mankatha

Notwithstanding the fact that he had two big losses in the form of ‘Aegan’ and ‘Asal’ prior to his latest release, actor Ajith has reportedly hiked his fee to a whopping Rs.17 crore, trade circles point out.

The actor’s latest film Mankatha has been running to packed houses all over the State and elsewhere and enters its fourth week today. Ajith, who is presently starring in the sequence film Billa-2, has reportedly demanded that he be paid Rs.17 crores for his upcoming film to be produced by producer A.M. Rathnam.

Rathnam has agreed to Ajith’s request as he anticipates the sequel film to hit the bull’s eye at the box-office and in cases if it turns out to be true, Ajit’s fee might increase further! With reports suggesting that the trio of Ajith, Vijay and Suriya are on top of the industry as they charge Rs.15 crore per film, Ajit is clearly the leader of the pack as he has pipped the other two by getting Rs.17 crore for Rathnam’s film.

Two corporate firms are said to be in talks to secure the release and distribution rights of the film Billa-2, it is said. The film has just completed its first schedule of shooting and has a long way to go before being wrapped up. The Hinduja Group, which produces Billa-2, is said to be expecting not less than Rs.50 crore to part with the film’s distribution and release rights.

There is also the possibility of Sun Pictures entering the distribution war by pitching in at the very last moment!



  1. tk

    smile u r going beyond the limit ….Comments like this will really irritate others ..and bloody i am tellings on behalf of others who hate your ****** comments …its all bull shit ……… mikavum kovathudan …thala rasigan 

  2. spoilers

    A Good quality movie can be made for that price.. y ajith needed to make movie success when director as good script ??

  3. Hey Ram

    Surya got 16 Crores for Maatran.  Dont compare any one with Ajith except Rajinikanth..  Ajith is the one and only who is going to break the Endhiran (Robot)’s collecton record.  Mark my words and It will happen soon.

  4. Naan Kadavul

    First of all Suriya got 18 crores for Maatran. Second thing is that even if Ajith is a good guy the film is never going to break Super Star’s Enthiran records!!!!!

  5. tk

    Ram ..dude wen you compare two people there should be justification … lets get to the points straight …have you ever seen ajith performing publicity stunts like what mr suryaa is doing every fucking day … for eg mankatha movie kaka ajith entha tv layum petti kodukala ..padathu la athu irrukku ithu irrukku nu sollala but still movie maranaa hittuuu ….appram rajini appuram collection king ajith or vijay tan … correctaa sollanum naa oppening collection king nu kollywood eee solraa alluuu THALA than ….fan clubs aaa kalachuttaaathu appuram release a naaa padam evlooooo hittuu nuu pathaelaaa …..deiiii yaraa yaroodaaa compare panraaa …may be u need to correct the facts in your brain ….

  6. abcd

    Smile africa forest’la irukku pola. Release aana edam ellam success nu avlo report avlo news avlo site…infact wikipedia’la kuda potruku … enna indra gandhi sethutara effect’la kekudhu mangatha success’aa nu 😀 loosu

  7. sogal

    come on guys.. she’s jus having fun here.. leave her alone.. vasin is her best companion.. where r u vasin? we miss u.. 😛

  8. gogul

    poda fool more dan surya,, ajith and vijay only getting more salary ok get lost these both kings are only superstars after SUPERSTAR “RAJNIKANTH”

  9. savadikum sunami vijay

    ellae da..mairu vettaikaran, kavalkaran, kurivikaran, paalkaran…etc, than super duper hit…panni vaaya…,

  10. savadikum sunami vijay

    ellae da..mairu vettaikaran, kavalkaran, kurivikaran, paalkaran…etc, than super duper hit…panni vaaya…,

  11. Ram

    Hi I am not a big fan of Surya or anything. I too find him irritating at times. He is always smiling lightly as if he thinks he is so handsome. Anyway fact is fact. Reason he is getting so much is because he is very consistent. He was gradually giving hit after hit, even if he pulls some tricks and stunts. Not only that Suya and Karthi are the only two guys who get telugu dubbing rights cut along with their salary as they have guaranteed market in Andhra. Their cousin Gnanavel Raja only markets their movies there. Ajith will get a market there after this only.

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