Ajith Finishes Morocco race in 13th Place ,Watch the Morroco accident video

Ajith Finished on 13th Place in an accident hit Morocco race where 5 cars were involved in an airborne accident in the opening lap, watch the video. F2 driver Ricardo Teixeira’s car rolled through the air after making contact with the rear of the car in front . Luckily, Ajith who was at the tail end  of the race escaped from this accident. Indian driver Parthiva Sureshowaran’s car was also struck in  this accident forcing the driver to quit to without lapping a round in the final race.

Watch The Morroco Accident Video

This is what the Actor had to Say after the Qualifying races.
Practice session 1 and 2 went well and so did qualifying session 1 (for race 1). My lap times kept improving over the 2 practice sessions. Did have a few excursions off the track trying to find my limit and better lap times

Qualifying session for race 1 was going well for me until I crashed into the wall on exit of corner one (20 mins into the qualifying session). My Wrist Hurts! Luckily by then had managed to log laptimes within 107% off the quickest driver in qualifying, which enabled me qualify for race 1.



  1. Anonymous

    thank GOD that ajith is safe.thala try try try and u will suceed.
    we r there to pray for u!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Thala On that day i saw the Full Live race in FIA website you are really rocking, After 6 years wihout training you are rocking really you are grat to achive 13 th place , Thala right now u are going in 180 SPEED please increase 183 to 185 after you are in N0-1, You possible to beat Eng philip & stoneman, please try at the same time be safe thala, i know it was little hard to increase speed above 180 i know the control also hard please do it thala please come to NO:1 thala please release the 3 booster in correct time, thala come on u can do above 180 i hope best of luck thala

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