Ajith calls Vettrimaran to pen down a script

A professional always has his mind and soul in his profession, a perfect example for this is our Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar. Even though he is stranded in Europe part of Ajith’s heart is where his profession is. Ajith who was to racing in Formula 2 Championship has called a young director all the way from Europe and asked him to wite a script for him.

Ajith calls Vettrimaran to ready a script for him

The lucky director is our hot shot young director Vettrimaran. Vettrimaran is in demand with the young heroes who want to do different yet entertaining film. He gave Dhanush his biggest break in ‘Pollathavan’ and is now making  Aadukalam for the actor to reach the next level.

Ajith whose arrival is delayed due to the aviation chaos created by the Icelandic volcano eruption is now set to land in Chennai before May 1 for his birthday. Once he returns he will arrange a conference for press and his fans to brief them about his successful Europe visit and his racing adventures.



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