“Ajith brings intensity,” says Stuntmaster Kecha


Stuntmaster Kecha Khamphakdee and his Jaika Stunt Team are known for their realistic style of action. The same team co-coordinated adrenaline pumping action sequences for Thala Ajith’s upcoming Billa 2. Talking about his experience filming for the movie the martial art expert was all praises for Thala.

Says Kecha, “ It’s not possible to film good action without good performers and the actors in Billa 2 are definitely more than just good. They’re fantastic. Obviously, you have Ajith Kumar who brings great intensity and focus to all his work, especially the fights. His moves are very sharp and powerful.” Bollywood kid Vidyut Jamwal, who plays the villain in the movie did receive his share of appreciation. The actor who will also be seen in Vijay’s Thuppaki, is an expert martial artist himself and a skilled acrobat too. This did help the Jaika stunt team largely, as they could easily put across their ideas and come out with something unique for Vidyut, in the movie.  When quizzed which the toughest moment was shooting the action scenes, Kecha tells us it was the Georgia schedule. “The weather was extremely cold and our location was suddenly hit by a huge snowstorm after 75% of the sequence was completed. We had to film it all again.” Phew! Now that it’s done, fans can definitely watch out for some high kicking Muay Thai action coming your way this summer.


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