Ajith and Vijays kids bring in some weekend cheer for the two

Vijay-Ajith children sharing bond

It might be business as usual between Thala Ajith and Ilayathalapathy Vijay when it comes to the cinema battlefield but the two strong contenders do share something more than that. In fact, both Thala and Ilayathalapathy fans are well aware of the special bond the two share. By matter of sheer coincidence earlier, both Vijay and Ajith were shooting for their respective movies (Mankatha and Velayudham) at the famous Binny Mills complex in Chennai.

On knowing that Thala was present at the same location Vijay along with his family paid a surprise visit to the sets Mankatha. Vijay gifted him a watch while Ajith treated his friend to some delicious Thala Biriyani for lunch. Now we hear their children too are really fond of each other. Ajith’s baby Anoushka and Vijay’s cuties Sanjay and Divya Shasha often hang out on Sundays and weekends as the three are up to their mischievous best pulling up pranks on each other and engaging in some healthy outdoor games. Both daddies and mommies have some great time watching their kiddos get together as they while away the evening cheerfully.

Looks like both Shalini and Sangeetha are really enjoying some sweet Mama moments and with their hubbies riding high, they do have a lot to catch up on.




  1. abcd

    adaaa pavigala! ethana kozandhai oru velai soru illaama irukku .. padippu illama kooli velai paakudhunga … adhellaaam vittutu indha hangout news thevaya da? ungalukellam manasatchiye illayada?

  2. koundamani

    aama…. appadiya aanathai kulanthaigalooda kastatha pottuta mattum un sotha avangalukku eluthi vachuruvaiya???? ithuve cine news podra site…. ithula ajith ooda paiyana paathi podama, un paiyana pathiya poduvanga?????

  3. abcd

    dei koundamani loosu …. naa enna oru velaiku 18 kodi vaangina seiven daa … sambalathuku velai paakaravan.  btw, naa enn mama pasangala padikka vekkaren … kena thanama pesama yosi

  4. Real Smile

    Can I ask my kids to join? In the evening wen I sit to comment on kollytalk my kids dont allow me to concentrate, it would be nice if I have been given a break from my naughty kids.

  5. Sam

    Enda dubukungala, indha site-la pinna enna naatu prachani. arivurai….ipadi edhavadhu poduvanganu nenaichingala. 

    Sari, naatuku thevaiyana edhavadhu ORU nalla visaiyam indha site-la kaatupakalam.

  6. no name

    Heyy they r so popular, u never know what they do in their personal life..u dont know if they help poor ppl or not..and if ur helpin ur cousins to study then why r u sayin that out..u shud keep that inside with u..not show off!!!

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