Ajith and Shalini where at the MRF track,fans cheer

On Sunday, Ajith was at it his favourite act again- motor sports. He took part in the last round of the MRF Challenge amidst cheer from fans who even tried to break into the track as the race was on.

However the actor couldn’t finish the act as he wanted. “The gear box got stuck and could not go beyond the first gear. Resulting in Ajith returning back to the shed. But still later Ajith made a couple of rounds for the fans.

Earlier in the day on the news spreading of Ajith racing plans over the weekend, thousands of fans had gathered at irukkankottai MRF track field, to watch the star racing. Later hearing the news, the star was dropped for the next rounds.

Fans started shouting” Thala Thotkkamattar, Avar Eppavumme Jeyikka Koodiyaavar”, Some fans went to the extend of turning down the holding and tearing the MRF banners, making a tough time for the organisers. Until thala asked the fans to co-ordinate to the organisers.
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We all know him as an actor, a car racer and an avid fan of aero modeling. And now, Ajith wants to fly and is taking steps to get a private pilot license.

While speaking Ajith said “But life is full of ups and downs, and I have learnt how to accept such things. Also I always wanted to become a racer or a pilot. Now that I am already into aero modeling, I am hopeful of getting my pilot license by June 2011. People say those doing aero modeling are already half pilots,” he says.


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