Aishwarya’s birthday Bash

Aishwarya - the Birthday Girl
Aishwarya - the Birthday Girl

They say beauty fades with aging, but not for this former Miss World.

Aishwarya who was born in Mangalore, is considered to be the perfect combination of beauty and brains as she still can give her contemporaries a run for their money.

An image of the birthday girl who turned 37 this November 1 was shared by hubby Abhishek with a chocolate birthday cake .The birthday was celebrated with a family dinner of Chinese in Taj .

“There she is, as promised, the birthday girl….” told  Abhishek.

Abhishek was in news earlier ,when he had wife Aishwarya in splits .He drifted casually along with Ash to the Mens toilet always making sure he keeps her engaged with his talks. Ash who had never been in one earlier , burst out loud.

2010 no doubt has been Aishwarya’s year as she enjoyed the spotlight with her movies  Raavanan and Enthiran released, gaining much appreciation from her fans .

Infact , her traditional outfits in Raavanan are in much demand and have become a rage among the fans in Malaysia .Shopkeepers are only delighted to supply the same during this festivity Diwali season.

The shy bride in Iruvar
The shy bride in Iruvar

She started her early carrer with a dream debut with Mani Ratnam’s Iruvar were she did a dual rual along side Mohanlal ,which won Best Film award at the Belgrade International Film Festival and 2 National and 2 Filmfare awards in south.

Then came Jeans in 1998 ,which the song  ‘ Poovukkul ‘ , penned down by our very own Vairamuthu,  shot with the 7 wonders of the world in the background had  Aishwarya being depicted as the 8th wonder of the world , many wont disagree to that.

Adorable Meenakshi in Kandukondain Kandukondain
Adorable Meenakshi in Kandukondain Kandukondain

In 2000,we were gifted with  “Meenakshi” played by Aishwarya in Kandukondain Kandukondain, a  young optimistic woman , who always aspired to become a singer which gained her the much needed success and from there on the graph has been rising.


In 2010, when she joined hands with Mani Ratnam nearly after 13 years for the bilingual Raavanan, with both versions featured Aishwarya portrayed goddess Sita proved two more things .One 13 is not always an unlucky number and secondly Mani could have never gone wrong with his choice for a Goddess.

Enthiran Stills
Enthiran Stills

In her latest movie Enthiran which is rocking box offices counters she played Sana , a live college cracker .Not to mention the accolades she received from her fans.Hats of to her  pulling of the role with so much ease onscreen.

She once again proved that age is no barrier, when performance and delivery are all that counts and matter the most.

From the dual role in Iruvar,to the wonder woman in Jeans ,to the adorable Meenakshi which still holds a place in many a hearts, to the goddess in Raavanan , and finally the chirpy Sana along Rajni.It’s really been a joyride.We look forward to join you in the future.

Wishing you a great year ahead , as you keep us mesmerized with that smile.



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  2. Vasin

    Bachan looks fresh. Aishwarya is no longer sexy. How come Bachan still hangs onto her? May be she is a nice girl still. Yeah. She will be sexy when you get closer. I understand. Be together. Happy Deepavali.

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