Aishwarya Rai latest Pic

Aishwarya Rai to don the grease-paint again for a Bollywood film

Aishwarya Rai latest Pic

Though it’s been more than a decade since she won the ‘Miss World’ beauty pageant title, actress Aishwarya Rai is still considered as the ‘epitome of beauty’ by many. In the perception of many, she represents the typical Indian women. Despite her achievements on the ramp and on the big-screen as an actress, Ash has remained down-to-earth which has endeared her to her fans and to the press-persons.

Despite delivering a baby-girl last November and becoming a mother, Ash still remains the ‘dream-girl’ of many Indians. It appears that the duties and responsibilities of motherhood have hardly bogged down the actress who is known to work like a busy-bee. Reports say that now that more than two months have gone by since she gave birth to her child, she is listening to scripts from some producers and directors.

Ash knows very well that it’s still early days yet for her to return back to the world of films but she doesn’t mind listening to the scripts narrated to her. She is aware of the functioning of the Hindi film industry which, unlike their Southern counterparts, take a longer time to complete its shooting schedules and wrapping up films.

Ash is well aware that the casting might take a few more months, if she decides to accept the offers, during which time she would get back in shape. The actress has reportedly told the film-makers that she is ready to do films of all kinds – action-based thrillers or heroine-oriented films. etc.


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