Aishwarya Dhanush hopes her 3 would be a successful venture

Aishwarya Dhanush on 3

Debutant director Aishwarya Dhanush is progressing briskly with her upcoming film titled 3 starring her husband and actor Dhanush and the stunning Shruti Haasan in lead roles. With the experience of having worked as assistant director under her brother-in-law and director Selvaraghavan in a couple of films, Aishwarya is now going it alone in the Dhanush-Shruti starrer.

After a string of non-starters in Kutti, Uthamaputhiran, Aadukalam, Seedan and Venghai, Dhanush is badly in need of a hit to sustain himself in the industry and to justify his top billing. Though Aadukalam fetched him the national award for ‘best actor’, it wasn’t a huge success at the box-office. Dhanush’s line up of failures is not dissimilar to the ones Vijay had over 2-3 years prior to the release of his Kaavalan early this year.

Said to be a romantic film, Aishwarya is hoping 3 would appeal to Dhanush’s fans. “It’s an emotional love story. I purposely took Dhanush on board as I was confident that his inputs and ideas would stand me in good stead as the movie progresses. Like Dhanush, I’m also aware that he is badly in need of a hit at this point of time in his career. I’m sure 3 would be a huge success.

“Even when I was penning the script, Shruti Haasan was in my mind as the heroine of the film. I feel she fits the role like a pair of gloves. Fortunately, Shruti is living upto the expectation and confidence that I have in her performance,” concludes Aishwarya.


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